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You will have the opportunity to tip toe through the stunning, world-class Tarkine, guided by our experienced leaders to the places less visited. Your senses will be opened to the sheer beauty of the North-West and West Coasts of Tasmania.

Rare Earth Tasmania is a locally owned and operated nature-based business. It offers accommodation packages, six day/five night fully guided experiences and more flexible packages to fit individual needs. Rare Earth Tasmania will give participants the opportunity to experience and learn from a truly unique and outstanding part of the world. You will be able to immerse yourself in these special, rarely visited places in safe, comfortable and relaxed company or enjoy a two night minimum stay at the nature friendly large and cosy five bedroom home Black Bluff View Retreat.

Rare Earth Tasmania is based in a region of the island state of Tasmania which extends from Cradle Mountain in the east to the Tarkine rainforests and Southern Ocean coastline to the west of the coastal town of Wynyard in the west. It specialises in small group experiences and in linking areas visited with real life learning.

Rare Earth Tasmania will give participants the opportunity to experience and learn from a truly unique and outstanding part of the world. From self-contained accommodation packages with a two night minimum stay to multi-day trips to single day experiences, you will be immersed in these special, rarely visited places in safe, comfortable and relaxed company.

Would you like to find out more about:

  • How much carbon is stored in a hectare of a rainforest?
  • The connections between Antarctica, Tasmania, South America, and India?
  • That the oldest rocks exposed on the planet at Rocky Cape were once joined to rocks at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?
  • The interconnectedness of the living and non-living worlds in a rainforest?
  • What you can discover about changing climates over time from the natural environment

And at the same time have a relaxed and exciting time with like-minded guests?

If so then you will be inspired by Rare Earth Tasmania’s options.

Small group sizes will allow participants to get to know one another in very creative places.

The owners of Rare Earth Tasmania have a genuine commitment to the protection of Tasmania’s special places, particularly the Tarkine.

The area is under continued threat from mostly exploitative industries. Rare Earth Tasmania believes that by encouraging people to visit, experience and learn from such a unique area, and by demonstrating that it can provide a long term and sustainable economic boost to the region, it will be more likely that it will be protected in the hope that that our kids and grandkids can savour the same experiences into the future. The company is passionate to showcase the region’s many values which have led to its nominations for World Heritage status.

While many areas of the North West and West Coast can be unforgiving and harsh, each tour is at the lower end of the difficulty scale, more focused on experiencing the moments and learning from the natural history.

Most walks are relatively easy and of around two hours duration. At Cradle Mountain you will have the opportunity to self-select a walk to suit your interests and fitness levels.

Rare Earth Tasmania offers the following options to experience this unique area.

Six Day/Five Night Fully Guided Package

Banksia Grove, Rocky Cape National Park Jess Bonde

A six day/five night extended trip visiting Cradle Mountain, the Leven Canyon, Fossil Bluff and Rocky Cape National Park, and the rainforests and waterfalls of the Tarkine. Shorter or longer customised tours can be negotiated with Rare Earth Tasmania.

One Day Tours

Julius River by Jess Bonde

Single day Rare Earth Tasmania tours to any one of the following: Cradle Mountain, Leven Canyon, Fossil Bluff and Rocky Cape National Park, Tarkine rainforest walk and waterfall experience, Stanley, and Narawntapu National Park and a walk to the secluded and beautiful Copper Cove.

Please note: that these single day tours are only available as part of the accommodation package or included as sub-parts of a Customised Tours or as inclusions in a Team Building package.They cannot be booked as single events. Special arrangements can be made by contacting Rare Earth Tasmania. School groups and adult learning/interest groups are encouraged. Your guide, an experienced and passionate teacher, has hosted many such groups.

Self-contained accommodation package (minimum 2 nights) at Black Bluff View Retreat with an Optional One Day Tour

Black Bluff View Retreat

Self-contained accommodation for a minimum of two nights at Black Bluff View Retreat. An optional one day fully guided day tour for up to four people can be added to this accommodation package.

Team Building

Exploring the Tarkine by Pete Harmsen

The exclusive use of Black Bluff View Retreat for an out of office opportunity for businesses to build team capacity in a creative and secluded environment. Rare Earth Tasmania can assist with logistics and can offer a tour(s) which will use the natural environment to meet business objectives.

Customisable Tours

Archers Knob, Narawntapu National Park by Jess Bonde

Rare Earth Tasmania can customise a tour to meet the needs of a group of up to seven. There are various accommodation options available and multiple sites that can be visited. One possibility is an overnight visit to the remote Sarah Ann Rocks on the far west coast of Tasmania and stay at the Edge of the World holiday house. This could be linked to any of the other day options offered by Rare Earth Tasmania or even an overnight stay at Corinna.

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